I Quit My Job To Come To Your Wedding!

Quite a statement to make I know, but its true, I really did quit my job to come to your wedding!

October 19th 2004, I had my first shift at my local Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and a few years later, I had worked my way up ‘the ladder’ with a great team of people working with me. However, there are only so many tins of beans you can put on the shelf before you…how can I be diplomatic about this… want a change of scenery, and after some eleven and a half years including roughly six months of financial and emotional debate, I decided I was going to run my own photo booth business and come to your wedding!

Taking on a business isn’t something to be done without a lot of careful consideration. With the way the world has been recently, you would be forgiven for wondering why I would leave a reasonably well paid and more importantly; safe job to risk being self-employed in a very competitive market? Simply put, I love to have a laugh, I get a huge buzz from seeing people happy and that started right back when I was at school. I wasn’t the class clown (I was a little too geeky for that) but I was always trying to make people smile. It is great seeing people grin from ear to ear or burst out laughing, it’s even better knowing that you played a part in making it happen, however big or small. I knew with the right support and attitude I could turn my ambition into a full time career.
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Now Lets face it! Who doesn’t love a good party? Tonnes of laughter, often terrible dancing, maybe the odd drink or two and nowadays at many wedding receptions across the country you can add taking silly and embarrassing photos from a photo booth to that list. The process will often be you book your venue, your photographer, your caterers and your photo booth. Without question they are the suppliers you book first and are an absolute must have! We are close to being fully booked out this summer and next summer too. We even have weddings booked in for 2020. There are so many reasons to have a booth at the receptions and loads more reasons to pick Giggle Booth!. (Click here to check out my other post Why choose Giggle Booth?)

Where has the year gone?

March 28th 2016 was our official trade date and just a few days later on the 1st April we were at our first wedding – one of four in five days, I then understood what a ‘baptism of fire’ was. The whole week went without a hitch. We met so many great characters, saw some totally hilarious photos and helped make some fantastic memories for the couples and their guests to keep forever. One thing I have learnt over the past year is that, sadly weddings and funerals are sometimes the only times families get together and getting in one of our booths and having a photo with their cousin from America or uncle from New Zealand, wearing a clown wig or oversized glasses creates memories that they can keep forever and will potentially never get a chance to recreate again! Knowing we can be a contribute to those memories is what makes this job one of the best job in the world.

I have lost count of the times we have been thanked for being there and for making the night so fun and memorable and those comments are what makes it all worth it.

Fast forward 10 months and nearly 100 weddings later, we are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to attend the British Wedding Awards after being nominated for the second time in three years in the “The Best Finishing Touches” category. (Check out this blog post from our team at Head Office) It was an extremely tough category and we couldn’t have won if it wasn’t for our lovely customers voting for us (As these awards are one of the few voted for by the public rather than a panel of judges).
This year we have had some amazing evenings and some truly lovely reviews (Check out our official reviews site) but we always want more fun and more great evenings!

It has been quite the year for my wife and I and since making the joint decision for me to ‘quit my job and come to your wedding’ we have enjoyed one of the best years of our lives together. My partner Jill has found the love for her job again after spending time off after our son was born, she is also just weeks away from having our second child which will complete our little family. My son has started school and is doing amazingly well and we couldn’t be prouder.

It certainly isn’t an easy job! To the untrained eye it may look like we turn up and have fun and joke around all night and….well we do! But thats because we put in all the hard work behind the scenes so on the night all that has to happen is for everyone to have a good time, including us! : )

Anyways! Back to my bold claim at that I made at the top! “I quit my job to join your party” I literally did do it. I handed my notice in and told my boss I was leaving to own and run my own photo booth business. I am committed full time to making your memories and I want everyone who books with us to know they have my full attention.

Check us out and give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook and ‘Follow’ on Instagram by clicking the links at the top of the page! Thanks and hopefully I will be attending your wedding very soon! : )

Peter Baker – Giggle Booth Essex and Hertfordshire

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